Sodium Hypochlorite Water Treatment
Reliability through simplicity

On-Site Low Capacity Sodium Hypochlorite Generator

The eChlor chlorinator is compact, economical, and easy to install and maintain - it is designed with the operator in mind. We eliminated the complexity associated with high capacity chlorine generation and conceived a simple batch process (patent pending) that uses fewer components. The use of modular, industry standard components makes it easy for you to maintain the eChlor. eChlor minimizes service and maintenance requirements.

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Sodium Hypochlorite System for Industrial Water Treatment

The LCV system is designed to effectively eliminate loss of prime outages when pumping liquids that tend to out-gas such as sodium hypochlorite. Working under suction lift conditions, the LCV automatically degases the fluid before it reaches the pump inlet; thus eliminating the major cause for losing prime.

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H2O Controls, Inc. has been around since 1999, designing and servicing the water and wastewater equipment needs of our customers. Our staff has over 90 combined years of experience with chemical feed equipment, including, but not limited to, gas chlorination, dry feeders,liquid/dry polymer systems, metering pumps, on-site electrolytic chlorine generation, residual analyzers, paste lime slackers and amperometric titrators.

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